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Last updated: 6/23/2019
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The Cosmological Vision of Joan Miró:
Aquatints, Etchings, Linocuts, Lithographs, and Woodcuts, 1934-1981

Miró 1930s / Miró 1930s_2 / Miró 1940s / Miró L'Antitete / Miró 1950-53 / Miró 1953-56 / Miró 1956: Prevert / Miró 1957-60
Miró 1961 / Miró 1963 / Miró 1963-65 / Miró Flux (1964) / Miro Ubu Roi / Miró 1966-69 /
Miró Sans le Soleil / Miró Sans le Soleil 2 / Miró Sans le Soleil 3
Miró 1970-73 / Miró Lezard (1971) / Miró Beasts (1972) / Miró Lithographs (1972) / Miro 1974-79 / Miró Lithographe 2 1975
Miró Lapidari 1981

Heroic Poetry: Brinkman / Frankenthaler / Mitchell / Motherwell / Nevelson / Tàpies

View from the corner of Maple Avenue and Main Street (also known as Highway 140).

Entrance, featuring our new front door.

Beginning at the front door guarded by Mike Weber's ceramic sculpture Watchbeast, we present works by from 1953 to 1973. Top row, from left: Untitled (M. 193), Untitled (M. 203), Astrologie II, Couverture (M. 230b), Figure on a blue background, La chouette et l'escargot, Je travaille comme jardiner. Bottom row, left to right: Diana the Huntress, Hai-Ku: Lair of the Wild Boar, Butterfly Girl, Cahier d'Ombres I, Composition pour Miro Lithographe I (M. 861), Composition pour Miro Lithographe I (M. 857), Jardin au clair de lune.
Far left: Untitled (M. 206a).

For full details see the Miró pages on our website from 1950-1973, starting here.

Turning to the left, we offer La danse de feu / The Fire's Dance (Maeght 341). Original color lithograph, 1963. 90 signed & numbered impressions (of which this is one) plus c. 1500 unsigned impressions with centerfolds published in the deluxe art review, Derrière le Miroir (we also have impressions of the unsigned lithograph available for $1400), in a celebration of Miro's collaborations with the ceramicist Jospe Llorens Artigas. The title probably refers to the action of the fire on the clay in Artigas' Japanese wood-fired kiln where they worked. There is a full-page illustration of this piece in Indelible Miro. Image size: 475x655mm. Price: $17,500.

Astre et fumée / Star and Smoke (Dupin 424). Original color aquatint and etching with carborundum, 1967. 75 signed and numbered impressions on Mandeure rag paper printed by Arte Adrien Maeght and published by Maeght éditeur, Paris. One of Miró's most important prints, this work was selected by the Museum of Modern Art's Riva Castleman as the only Miró included in Modern Art in Prints (NY: MoMA, 1973), p. 39, an exhibition that was shown at MoMA before touring in the Far East, Australia, and New Zealand. Castleman wrote of this work, "Liquid washes form the smoky passages that swirl around the crusty star-disks. Raspy linear jottings are magical messages in a code devised by the artist. This abstract, placeless composition is typical of the abandoned gaiety of Miró's inventively modern spirit." She adds, "Spontaneity and rhythms were basic factors in the artistic developments occurring in the decade after World War II. Miró displays in his work the roots from which some of these developments grew." Image size: 750x560mm. Price: SOLD.

Hommage à Joan Miró (Dupin 866). Original color aquatint and etching with carborundum, 1973. 275 signed impressions on Guarro printed by J. J. Torralba & published by Sala Gaspar Editeur, Barcelona, on the occasion of Miró's 80th birthday. Annotated "cordialment" by Miró. There were no numbered impressions of this piece, Miró's birthday gift to his friends. Image size: 685x493mm. Price: $16,500.

Album 19, n. 11 (Maeght 322). Original color lithograph, 1961. 75 signed & numbered impressions for Album 19 plus 15 impressions signed and annotated i/XV-XV/XV. In 1961, Miró assembled some of his favorite images, reworked them, and published them in this portfolio. To them he added a number of newly-drawn images, of which this is one. Image size: 510x660mm. Price: $15,000.

The view from the loft showing the left side of the exhibit (details below)

Chevaucheé Vert, Violet, Brun / Horseback ride—green, violet, brown (M. 611). Original color lithograph, 1969. 75 signed & numbered impressions on Rives vellum. Published by Maeght Editeur. Image size: 845x605mm. Price: $13,500.

Chevaucheé Brun / Horseback ride—brown (M. 608). Original color lithograph, 1969. 75 signed & numbered impressions on Rives vellum. Published by Maeght Editeur. Included in numerous museum shows including the 6-city 1984 Japanese Miro retrospective and the Musée Mandet retrospective of Miró's prints. An important work. Image size: 845x605mm. Price: $13,500.

The Taciturn Majorcan (M. 495). Original color lithograph, 1969. 75 signed & numbered impressions on Rives vellum. Published by Maeght Editeur. One of Miró's most beautiful lithographs, with a small restored area where a small abrasion is now visible only through a magnifier or at very close range. Barely visible handling crease across very bottom of the sheet. Image size: 845x661mm. Price: $12,500.

The Ployglot Man: Sable (M. 604). Original color lithograph, 1969. 75 signed & numbered impressions on Rives vellum. Published by Maeght Editeur. This work has been included in the 1988 Miró retrospectives in Fécamp and Tarascon. Image size: 845x661mm. Price: $13,500.

The four large lithographs above are succeeded by a group of nine lithographs from Le Lézard aux Plumes d'Or / The Lizard with Golden Feathers (1971), all of which are illustrated individually on our website here.

The nine pieces from The Lizard with Feathers of Gold are followed by a group of five etchings, two (top row) from Flux de l'aimant (1964), and two on the lower level are from Le Courtesan Grotesque (1974), and the gorgeous centerpiece illustrated below is from Miró's tribute to his old friend San Lazzaro, founder and publisher of the deluxe art review, XXe Siecle, in which Miró was often featured and to which he contributed several original lithographs for publication (four of which are in the show, including the 1938 linocut from which the work is inspired). Finally, the large piece to the right of this grouping is The Grand Duke II.

Le Miroir secret du feu et du froid / The secret mirror of fire and frost (Dupin 980). Original etching, aquatint, and carborundum, 1977. 60 signed and numbered impressions on Rives and printed in Paris by Fequet & Baudier; published by Gérald Cramer, Geneva. Published as an "Hommage á San Lazzaro," the central motif in this print comes from a 1938 linocut Miro executed for the deluxe art review, XXe Siecle (see Miro1930s), founded and edited by San Lazzaro. Image size: 305x232mm. Price: $15,000.

Grand Duc II (Dupin 395). Original color etching and carborundum, 1965. 75 signed and numbered impressions. One of Miró's most amusing portraits, the Grand Duke, monocle and all, has been included in Miró retrospectives at the Musée d'Art Moderne, Villeneuve d'Ascq Nord, Fécamp, and Tarascon. Image size: 680x530mm. Price: $25,200.

The left end wall features works by from the 1930s (the five on the top row and the first on the left of the bottom row), 1940s (the three in the middle of the lower row), and the 1950s (the lower right and the large 1953 Nocturne above.

On the left wall of the former sanctuary, we have two large pieces, neither of which is well photographed at the moment. On the left is Espriu-Miró (Dupin 877), a large etching (1050x900mm / 41-3/8 inches x 35-1/2 inches) accompanying a poem by Salvador Espriu inspired by Miró's paintings. It is priced at $22,250. On the right is The Mesmerizer: Orange, a large lithograph from 1969 (the color on the piece above is correct; the color on the web page referred to above is horrible, but the information is all correct).

Over the door is Le Porteur d'eau V / Water carrier 5 (D. 341) Original drypoint and aquatint with carborundum, 1964. 30 signed & numbered impressions on B. F. K. Rives published by Maeght Editeur in Paris. One of Miro's first masterpieces using large scale and carborundum to achieve an almost painterly richness of texture. Image size: 570x795mm. Price: $15, 000.

Beneath and to the left is Femme et Oiseau devant la Lune (Dupin 51). Original etching and aquatint, 1947. 300 signed, dated, and numbered impressions for the Laurels Number One Portfolio, of which ours is 255/300. Printed at Atelier 17 in New York. A superb, dark impression of this early print. Three light stains c. one inch from the platemark. A rare and beautiful print. Image size: 110x150mm. Price: SOLD.

Finally, we have Sans le Soleil VI (D. 406, C. 98). Original color etching & aquatint from three plates, 1965. Edition: 75 unsigned impressions for the portfolio of the same name, the first 25 portfolios also contain a suite of 25 signed and numbered impressions. All of the portfolios are signed and numbered on the justification page. Image size: 222x285mm. Price: $2275.

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