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André Masson (French, 1896-1987)

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André Masson is one of the key figures of the Surrealist movement. His paintings, prints, drawings, and stage designs were crucial early statements about the nature of Surrealism. Like many of his generation, Masson fought in the first World War and was seriously wounded; the experience made him quite pessimistic about the possibilities of a life ruled by reason and inclined him towards the irrational. He joined the Surrealists in 1922 (a time when he and Miró were sharing a studio because neither could afford to rent their own) and left in 1929, when, like many others, Breton's domination of the movement proved too much to take. Masson experimented with automatic drawing, but most of his works evince a firm conscious control of his materials, Masson's works are to be found in many important collections of modern art including the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim Museum (NYC) and the Pompidou in Paris; his works have been shown at major museums and important galleries all over the world.

Bibliography: General works: Dawn Ades, Masson (NY: Rizzoli, 1994); Michel Leiris, Andre Masson. Massacres et autres dessins (Paris: Hermmann, 1971); Michel Leiris, with Michel Leiris and Georges Limbour, Andre Masson and His Universe. English texts translated by Douglas Cooper. Geneva: Editions des Trois Collines / London: Horizon, 1947); Georges Limbour, Masson Dessins (Paris: Braun & Cie, 1951); André Masson, Eulogy of Paul Klee (New York: Curt Valentin, 1950); André Masson, Nocturnal Notebook (New York: Curt Valentin, 1944); René Passeron, André Masson et les puissances du signe (Paris: Denoël, 1975); Roger Passeron, André Masson: General catalogue of the sculptures (New York / Torino: Marisa del Re Gallery/ Il Quadrante Edizioni, 1988); William Rubin and Carolyn Lanchner, André Masson (NY: Museum of Modern Art, 1976).

Prints: Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, Das graphische Werk von Andre Masson: Radierungen und Lithographien, 1924 bis 1952 (Düsseldorf: Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, 1954); André Masson, Retrospective Exhibition (London: Marlborough Fine Art, 1958); Roger Passeron, Andre Masson, Graphik (Fribourg: Office du Livre, 1973)
The Moon Original color lithograph, 1938. Edition unknown (c. 1200 published in the deluxe art review, Verve. Signed in the stone. Image size: 354x260mm. Price: $750.
The Sun. Original color lithograph, 1938. Edition unknown (c. 1200 published in the deluxe art review, Verve. Signed in the stone. Image size: 354x260mm. Price: $750.
Cupid and Psyche. Original color lithograph, 1967. 125 signed and numbered impressions. Image size: 536x420mm. Price: $2500.
Untitled. Original color etching, c. 1970. 90 signed and numbered impressions on Arches printed in green ink by Aldo Crommelynck at Atelier Crommelynck, Paris, one of Picasso's favorite printers. Image size: 280x210mm. Price: SOLD.
Andre Masson (French, 1896-1987), Composition for XXe Siecle. Original color lithograph, 1972. Edition unknown. Masson was one of the founders of the surrealist movement. His works are in every major museum in the world. Image size: 310x242mm. Price: $500.
Interieur Venitien. Original color lithograph, 1975. 125 signed and numbered impressions on Rives paper. This print has been exhibited in Museum shows in Paris (1963, 1979, 1981) and Hannover (1966). An important piece. Image size: 585x420mm. Price: SOLD
Hero and Leander. Original color etching, 1979. 160 signed and numbered impressions on Arches printed at Atelier Crommelynck, Paris. Image size: 492x260mm. Price: $3250.

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