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Last updated: 4/06/2017
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Upton pre-rehab (Madison WI Cap Times feature on move)
A Virtual Tour of Tàpies 2005 / Tápies 2005 Visual Tour 2
The new home of Spaightwood Galleries—the former Unitarian Church (built 1874) at 120 Main Street in Upton MA
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View from the corner of Maple and Main St (also known as Highway 140).
Entrance, featuring our new front door.
Beginning at the front door guarded by Mike Weber's ceramic sculpture Watchbeast, we present a selection of our 50 works drawn from our Tapies inventory of more than 150 etchings and lithographs: Untitled 1968, Coeur et fleches, 24x17, U no es ningu /Nobody is a nobody, Deux chaussures, Blanc Central, Enveloppe rouge, and Seins / Breasts. (Click links for complete information and photographs of individual pieces in the webpages devoted to Tapies beginning at Tapies.)
Part of the entryway featuring Mike Weber's ceramic sculpture Watchbeast and a group of Tàpies etchings and lithographs: Untitled 1968, Coeur et fleches, and 24x17.
Enveloppe rouge (Galfetti 947). Original color etching, 1984. 100 signed and numbered impressions. Image size: 100x175mm. Price: $5075.
Seins / breasts (Galfetti 955). Original color etching, 1984. 100 signed and numbered impressions. This work was included in the Tàpies retrospective held in Milan at the Palazzo Reale in 1985. One of Tàpies' rare figurative abstractions. Image size: 100x175mm. Price: $5600.
Tàpies Lithographs: , AAL Ban de Loo Cologne, Panier et signes noir, Angle et taches
The view from the loft showing Tàpies original color lithographs and etchings on the Maple Avenue side of the building: Affiche avant lettre Senanque I, AAL Sables d'Olonne, AAL 231, Le Pont, Pied Marron, Marron diagonal, Llibertat / Liberty
Senanque I (G. 926). Original color lithograph, 1983. 85 signed and numbered impressions of which this is 17/85. Image size: 845x600mm. Price: $5000.
Affiche avant lettre Les Sables d'Olonne (Galfetti 692). Original color lithograph, 1978. 150 signed and numbered impressions without text on Arches printed by Imprimerie Arte, Paris and published by Musée de l'Abbaye de Sainte-Croix, Les Sables d'Olonne. There is also and edition of unknown size with poster text on thinner paper. Our impression is n. 133/150. Image size: 870x610mm. Price: $5000.
Affiche avant lettre 231 (Galfetti 964). Original color lithograph, 1984. 120 signed and numbered impressions on Rives paper of which this is 13/120. Printed by Atelier Lelong, Paris and published by Galerie Lelong, Paris. There was also an edition of unknown size of poster paper with a text announcing the dates of an exhibion of Tàpies' work at the Galerie Lelong. Image size: 900x600mm (35-7/16x23-1/2 inches). Price: $5000.
Pont / Bridge (G. 710). Original color etching, 1981. 30 signed & numbered impressions on Guarro paper measuring 780x1060mm (30-3/4x41-3/4 inches) published by Maeght Editeur (Paris), of which this is 25/30. One of Tàpies' most magnificent prints. Image size: 685x920mm. Price: $20,000.
Pied marron (G. 975). Original color lithograph, 1982. 75 signed & numbered impressions, of which this is 39/75. Exhibited at the Palazzo Reale in Milan as part of their 1985 retrospective of Tapies paintings, drawings, and prints. Image size: 1110x755mm. Price: $8250.
Marron diagonal (G. 156). Original color lithograph, 1968. 75 signed & numbered impressions plus several HC impressions, of which this is one. Image size: 1015x730mm. Price: $7700.
Llibertat / Liberty. Original color lithograph, 1988. Edition: 300 signed and numbered impressions plus 30 artists proofs printed by Galerie Lelong, Paris, for the 1988 Olympic Print Portfolio. The work was never published because the Olympic Portfolio publisher went bankrupt. We have been told by one of the principal creditors that while the prints were in storage awaiting the outcome of the bankruptcy proceedings, many of the prints were ruined by water damage. All of our impressions, however, are in excellent condition.

Image size: 892x590mm. Regular price: $5250.
Ten 16x20 framed Tapies lithographs and etchings (top row, left to right): Drei reden 1, Petite ecriture I, El pa a la barca, Equation III, Drei reden II; (bottom row left to right): Repliquer I, Repliquer IV, Parolles Peinte, Repliquer III, Repliquer II.

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