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Spaightwood Galleries

120 Main Street, Upton MA 01568-6193; 800-809-3343

Last updated: 6/23/2019
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Womanshow 2007: Through a Woman's Eyes: Impressionism to Surrealism Part 2

Featuring original prints and drawings by
Eva Gonzales, Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt, Suzanne Valadon, Nataliya Goncharova, Marie Laurencin, Kathe Kollwitz,
Gabriele Munter, Hannah Hoch, Sonia Delaunay, Hilla Rebay, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva,
Leonor Fini, Frida Kahlo, Dorothea Tanning, Toyen, and Louise Bourgeois

A Virtual Tour of "Womanshow 2007," Part I / A Virtual Tour of Womanshow 2007 Part 2

The new home of Spaightwood Galleries—the former Unitarian Church (built 1874) at 120 Main Street in Upton MA

1-800-809-3343 or 1-508-529-2511

If the title is italicized in blue, clicking on it will take you to a much better enlarged photograph or to another web page with full details. Use your back button to return to the tour.
On the right rear wall of the former sanctuary, we have three pieces. Over the door is Couverture, Chagall Lithographe I (M. 261; 1960; our is an unfolded proof of the lithograph designed to serve as the cover to Chagall Lithographe I; below and to the right two etchings by Kathe Kollwitz, the top print is Hamberger Kniepe / Hamburg Tavern (K. 58 iiib), a 1901 etching from a von der Becke edition after 1931. One of Kollwitz most frequently illustrated prints, pwerhaps becauuse of its unusually cheerful subject. Image size: 192x247mm; price: S1600. Beneath it is Vier manner in der kniepe (Kl. 12 iiib). an original soft-ground etching and aquatint, 1892-93. Edition: from the edition of unknown size published in 1921. Kollwitz here captures the conspiratorial and oppressive atmosphere of the German Empire in the late 19th century. This work, while not part of the Weavers' Revolt series, shows Kollwitz already thinking about the themes to be explored in it and could be, von Knesebeck suggests, an early version of Beratung / Conspiracy. Image size: 125x150mm. Price: $1600.
Couverture, Chagall Lithographe I (M. 281). Original color lithograph, 1960. 25 signed and numbered impressions on Arches and c. 2000 unsigned impressions for Chagall Lithographe I. This image served as the cover to the first volume of the catalogue raisonné of Chagall's lithographs. Ours is a rare unfolded proof of the front cover for Chagall Lithographe I in mint condition. Mat size: 20x30 inches. Price: $2750.

Also available: Couverture, Chagall Lithographe I (M. 281). Original color lithograph, 1960. 25 signed and numbered impressions on Arches and c. 2000 unsigned impressions for Chagall Lithographe I. This image served as the cover to the first volume of the catalogue raisonné of Chagall's lithographs. It is rare to find an impression that is still clean enough and without major wear that the whole cover can be presented. Image size: 325x530mm. Mat size: 20x26 inches. Price: $2250.
Next to the doorway, we present a work by Kollwitz, Deutschlands kinder hungern! / Germany's children are starving! (Kl. 190 A.III.a.1). Original lithograph, 1924. One of Kollwitz' most frequently illustrated works, this was first published as a poster then without text as here. Published by Richter with his blind stamp lower right. One of Kollwitz' most important works. Image size: 405x275mm. Price: $3625. To the right of it, there are two linocuts by Regin Lichter-Liron, a Polish Jew who survived Auschwitz, studied art in Italy, and had a show of paintings and a set of linocuts that toured in Europe and the US from 1957-1960, after which I can find no further mention of her. Her linocuts were published first in a limited edition portfolio (ours was n. 238) signed by the artist and with an introduction by Carlo Levi. At top right, Hunger (93x83mm; $500); beneath it, The crosses of the 20th century (147x190mm; $500).
Above Hannah Hoch's Wachsen und Blühen, an original color linocut, 1975. 120 pencil-signed impressions published by Galerie Nierendorf. Image size: 260x355mm. Price: $1950.Benath it on the lft, Dorothea Tanning's Composition pour le CNAC (T. 304), an original color lithograph commissioned by the Centre National de l'Art Contemporain in Paris for her 1974 retrospective and published in an edition 500 signed and numbered impressions. Image size: 480x380mm. Price: $2750. To the right of, a very beautiful but slightly damaged original color etching from 1964 by Sonia Delaunay, Composition Red, Blue, Black, White. 100 signed and numbered impressions on Arches. This impression backed by waxed paper; damaged lower left (see white spot on image about one quarter of the way up from the bottom of the image on the left side. One of the her best images; here, alas, with flaws (three small tears from broken glass in the blue area lower left and upper left). We have had it repaired and restored (our restorer formerly worked at the Hermitage State Museum in Petersburg, Russia). From normal viewing distance, the flaws are virtually invisible; if you go looking for them, you can find them (click for closeups). Without the original damage, we would have priced it at $3500. Image size: 400x398mm. Price: $2250.
A view of the right side of the gallery from the loft showing the main body of works by Kathe Kollwitz.
All of these pieces concerning family and social tragedies can be found described with large clear photographs by clicking here.
All of these pieces from the Weavers' Revolt can be found by clicking here.
This wall presents seven of the etchings Kolwitz prepared for the Peasants War cycle. For full information and large photographs, please click here.

Top row: Vergewaltigt / Raped.

Middle row from left: Plowing); Bein Dengeln / Sharpening the scythe; Losbruch / Charge.

Bottom row from left: Aufruhr / The Uprising; Inspiration (early impression); Die Gefangen / Prisoners.
This wall presents Kolwitz's etcing for Germinal, a series she began and abandoned in favor of The Weavers' Revolt, seven of which are self-portraits. For full information and large photographs, please click here; here, and here.

Top row: Szene aus Germinal / Scene from Germinal.

Middle row from left: Stehender weiblicher akt / Standing nude; Self-Portrait, 1920; Woodcut self-portrait (1923); Frau an der wiege / Woman at a cradle; Betendes Madchen / Praying girl.

Bottom row from left: Self-Portrait (1912); ; Self-Portrait at a deskDas Warten / The wait (self-portrait); An der kirchenmauer / By the church wall (self-portrait, 1893); By the church wall (self-portrait, 1893).
Top: Die eltern die Künstlerin / The Artist's Parents; for full information, click here.

Bottom, from left: Gesenker Frauenfopf / Head of a woman; for full information, click here; Self-Portrait (1919); for full information, click here.
These 10 drypoints by Mary Cassatt, four of which have been hand-colored, can be seen with full descriptions by clicking here.
These 16 pochoirs by Sonia Delaunay can be seen with full descriptions by clicking here and following the links to the other two pages on which we show her pochoirs from this series.

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