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Zylpha H. Sullivan, 6129 Sierra Valle

Sullivan, page 1 / Sullivan, page 2 / Sullivan, page 3 / Sullivan, page 4
Most of you know Mother's house at 6129 Sierra Valle Lane in El Paso, and know what pride she took in it. Perhaps more than anywhere else she lived, it reflected her personality and her philosophy, from the mailbox that looked toward the thunderbird on the mountainside to the mulberry tree in the backyard. We hope you enjoy this tour of it.
Viewof the living room
Another view of the living room
Yet another view
And another. This couch, she said, was not as comfortable to sleep on as the one before.
The hallway to the bedrooms
None of us were ever far from her thoughts, as the door to her bedroom demonstrates.
Look carefully. If you sent her a photograph or were ever photographed with her, you're sure to be here somewhere.
Keep looking.
Don't give up yet.
There's some overlap--and it isn't just because my grandaughter is in these photos.
If you couldn't find youreself here, you're certainly in a frame somewhere (though those pictures may not be as obvious as these were).

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