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Zylpha H. Sullivan, 6129 Sierra Valle

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Most of you know Mother's house at 6129 Sierra Valle Lane in El Paso, and know what pride she took in it. Perhaps more than anywhere else she lived, it reflected her personality and her philosophy, from the mailbox that looked toward the thunderbird on the mountainside to the mulberry tree in the backyard. We hope you enjoy this tour of it.
Mother put up more pictures of herself in her bedroom last summer after losing her hair to chemotherapy to remind her she "hadn't always looked this way." Of course we knew she was always beautiful.
View of her bedroom showing a few of the angels she collected.
Mother as I remember her growing up.
She looked everywhere until she found the faux fur rug to offset her lacy white comforters. Notice how the crosses on the wall play off the lamps. She left nothing to chance.
Even the paper shredder was protected by angels.
Mother and the two men in her life.
Angels adorn her bathrrom too.
Taped to her bathroom mirror was the handwritten statement, "your life is the only Bible some people will ever read."
More angels
And what would a house in the desert be without cactus and lizards (though in this case both are stuffed)?

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