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Last updated: 6/23/2019
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Henri Matisse (French, 1869-1954): Images of Women, 1938-1952

Matisse 1: 1929 Pochoirs / Matisse 2: Ulysses (1935) and Paris 1937 / Matisse 3: Linocuts 1939-1950
Matisse 4: Pasiphae (1944), Ronsard (1948), and Apollinaire (1952) / Matisse 5: Images of Women, 1938-1952
Matisse: Repli 1947 / Matisse 6: Last Works / Matisse 7: Blue Nudes (1950-1954)

Gauguin / Camoin / Derain / Rouault / Vlaminck
Teeny. Original linocut, 1938. Edition unknown (c. 1200). Published in the Christmas 1938 issue of the deluxe art review, XXe Siecle. (This is not the reduced-size restrike published in Homage à Matisse in 1970). Teeny was the nickname of Matisse's daughter-in-law. In Pablo Picasso Lithographs and Linocuts 1945-1964 Chicago, 1998), R. Stanley Johnson writes that "The first uses of linocuts by significant artists can probably be dated to two works by Matisse and Miró in 1938. These wre followed by two linocuts by Picasso, Head of a Woman and The Squab [Le Pigeoneau], which were used as book illustrations." (p. 16). The Matisse to which he refers is this one (for the Miró Femme, please click on the link). Image size: 302x227mm. Price: $2500.
Teeny. Original linocut, 1938. This impression is a reduced-size restrike published in Homage à Matisse in 1970. Edition size unknown. Teeny was the nickname of Matisse's daughter-in-law. One of Matisse's most famous linoleum cuts; along with Miro's Femme (1938), also published in the same issue of XXe Siecle, this helped inaugurate a series of linocuts by artists including Picasso and Arp. Image size: 292x219mm. Price: $775.
Femme au chapeau / Woman with hat. Original Color lithograph after a painting, 1939.Edition size unknown. published in 1939 in the deluxe art review, Verve. This lithograph after a 1935 painting was executed at Mourlot Frères in Paris under Matisse's supervision . Image size: 318x226mm. Price: $875.
A la memoire de Angela Lamotte I (D, bk. 74). Original lithograph published in the deluxe art review Verve in 1945. Signed and titled in the stone. Image size: 350x262mm. Price: $975.
A la memoire de Angela Lamotte I (D, bk. 74). Original lithograph published in the deluxe art review Verve in 1945.Signed in the stone. Image size: 350x262mm. Price: $975.
Portrait of Colette (Fribourg, Books n. 27; Musée Matisse Livres n. 81, p. 90). Original lithograph for Colette's novel, La Vagabonde published by André Sauret in Paris in 1951. Edition: 300 impressions on Papier de Chine of the second state for the deluxe edition, 3000 impressions on Arches measuring 220x160mm (of which ours is one), and 100 HC impressions on Arches measuring 220x160mm. Signed in the stone; after this edition, the stones were effaced so that no more could ever be printed. Image size: 220x160mm. Price: $1250.
We also have one of the 100 HC impressions with a special one-of-a-kind binding by Crespo de Cunsel: full morocco leather binding in red and maroon, gilded top edge, in hand-painted enclosure with matching endpapers. Contains Matisse's original lithographic portrait of Colette. $2750.
Femme au jardin. Color lithograph after a gouache, 1950. Edition unknown (c. 1000 impressions signed in the stone); done with Matisse's approval for the cover of a catalog for an exhibition of Matisse's woks at the Maison de la Pensée Française. Produced under Matisse's supervision at Mourlot Fréres in Paris. Some soiling at extremities. Signed and dated in the stone. Rare. Image size: 220x160mm. Price: SOLD.
Nu aux oranges. Color lithograph after a paper cut-out and gouache, 1952. Published in the deluxe art review, Verve. This work was produced under Matisse's supervision for a special issue of Verve dedicated to Matisse's paper cut-outs. He died before the work was published and the volume, Les Dernieres Oeuvres de Matisse, then became a tribute to Matisse. Initialed in the stone. Image size: 355x260mm. Price: $1000.

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Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Prints and Drawings: Prints by Pierre Bonnard, Georges Braque,
Charles Camoin, Mary Cassatt, Paul Cezanne, Henri Edmond Cross, Edgar Degas, Sonia Delaunay,
Maurice Denis, André Derain, Susanne Duchamp, Raoul Dufy, Jean-Louis Forain, Paul Gauguin,
Marie Laurencin, Edouard Manet, Henri Matisse, Berthé Morisot, Pablo Picasso, Pierre Auguste Renoir,
Georges Rouault, Ker Xavier Roussel, Paul Signac, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Suzanne Valadon,
Maurice de Vlaminck, James A. McNeill Whistler, and others.

Drawings by Albert Besnard, Andre Barbier, Henri Edmond Cross, Jean-Louis Forain, Eva Gonzales,
Marie Laurencin, Maximilien Luce, and Georges Rouault.

Hand-colored prints by Mary Cassatt, Marc Chagall, Sonja Delaunay, Fernand Léger, Joan Miró,
Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso.

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