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Last updated: 6/23/2019
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Marc Chagall: Music and Dance

Our Chagall pages are arranged thematically and/or by series and illustrate over 200 different etchings and lithographs.
Clicking on the links will bring you to one or more pages on that subject.

Paris / Paris2 / The Village / The Circus / Circus 2 / Lovers / Lovers 2 / Music / Music 2
Flowers / Flowers 2 / Self Portraits / Self Portraits 2

Dead Souls (1923-27) / Dead Souls 2 / Dead Souls 3 / Dead Souls 4 / Dead Souls 5 / Maternité (1925-26)
Fables of La Fontaine (1927-30) / Fables 2 / De Mauvais Sujets (1958) / Et sur la terre (1977)

Chagall and the Bible
Etchings for the Bible (1930-39, 1952-56) / Bible Etchings 2 / Bible Etchings 3
1956 Verve Lithographs for the Bible / 1956 Bible Lithographs 2
1960 Verve Lithographs for Drawings for the Bible / 1960 Bible Lithographs 2 / 1960 Bible Lithographs 3
The Story of the Exodus (1966) / Exodus 2 / The Jerusalem Windows (1962) / Other Biblical Subjects

Chagall in black and white / Signed Chagall Etchings and Lithographs
Original Posters

Review, 12/10/03 Rhythm Section (an entertainment guide jointly produced by the Wisconsin State Journal and the Capital Times)
Chagall was long interested in music and considered the subject in painting, scenery, the Paris Opera House Ceiling, paintings and backdrops for Lincoln Center, and in many works of art on paper. The fluidity of movement in dance, the very movements within music and within the audience that listens to it, all of these evoked in Chagall something of a sense of his own art and something of the joy that music evoked in and for him.
Le printemps / Spring. Color lithograph (after a gouache?), 1938. Edition unknown. Published in the deluxe review, Verve in 1938. There is another Chagall lithograph on the reverse, giving the title of this work and signed in the stone. Although not listed in Mourlot as an original Chagall lithograph, Chagall apparently did the black & white stone and supervised the prodiction of the color stones. Image size: 349x250mm. Price: $1250.
The Dance (Meyer, p. 513) color lithograph after a painting, 1950-51. Circa 1200 unsigned impressions for a special number of the deluxe art review, Derriere le Miroir. Produced with Chagall's approval and under his supervision. Image size: 380x280mm. Price: SOLD.
The Concert (M. 176) Original color lithograph, 1957. 90 signed & numbered impressions plus 2500 unsigned impressions with centerfold as published in the deluxe art review, Derrière le Miroir. Illustrated in the 1988 Moscow Chagall Exhibition. Ours is a signed impression from the edition published in Derrière le Miroir. In The Concert, we see a scene that is like a variant on medieval or Renaissance depictions of heaven with the hosts of angels singing for the Virgin and her Son, but here it is a pair of lovers reclining in a small boat floating down a river with the Eiffel Tower visible on the right and a mermaid swimming on the lower right while what may be a sea serpent peaceably coils about on the lower left. The choir includes a figure playing a harp as boatman, a cock top left, a ram to the right of him (in the orange area), and a bird in the yellow circle above the lovers and the harper, suggesting a dream of the total harmony of all things good and enjoyable. Image size: 380x560mm. Price: SOLD.

Available unsigned from the edition published in Derrière le Miroir. Price: $2,750.
The painter and his double (M. 992). Original color lithograph, 1981. 15,000 unsigned impressions. This lithograph is partially reproduced on the cover of Chagall Lithographe V. Ours is a signed impression as taken from the deluxe art review, Derrière le Miroir. One of Chagall's most beautiful and important late lithographs. Image size: 300x410mm. Price: SOLD. Available unsigned priced at $1500.
Pantomime (M. 649). Original color lithograph, 1972. 75 signed & numbered impressions + 5000 unsigned impressions for a special number of the deluxe art review, Derriere le Miroir devoted to Chagall's works. Image size: 380x280mm. Price: $950.
The Ceiling of the Paris Opera (M. 434). Original color lithograph, 1965. Edition unknown (c. 2500?) unsigned impressions for the deluxe publication, Le Plafond de L'Opera de Paris. There are no signed & numbered impressions of this very beautiful print, which sold for c. $1000 at an auction in Paris in 1988. Illustrated Nice 1987. Image size: 325x250mm. Price: $1250.
The Blue Profile (M. 476, Sorlier p. 52). Original color lithograph, 1967. 90 signed and numbered impressions on Arches paper without poster text plus 2000 impressions with text for an exhibition of Chagall's works at Galerie Maeght, Paris. Image size:730x485mm. Price: SOLD.

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