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Last updated: 6/23/2019
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Marc Chagall: The Beauty of Flowers

Our Chagall pages are arranged thematically and/or by series and illustrate over 200 different etchings and lithographs.
Clicking on the links will bring you to one or more pages on that subject.

Paris / Paris2 / The Village / The Circus / Circus 2 / Lovers / Lovers 2 / Music / Music 2
Flowers / Flowers 2 / Self Portraits / Self Portraits 2

Dead Souls (1923-27) / Dead Souls 2 / Dead Souls 3 / Dead Souls 4 / Dead Souls 5 / Maternité (1925-26)
Fables of La Fontaine (1927-30) / Fables 2 / De Mauvais Sujets (1958) / Et sur la terre (1977)

Chagall and the Bible
Etchings for the Bible (1930-39, 1952-56) / Bible Etchings 2 / Bible Etchings 3
1956 Verve Lithographs for the Bible / 1956 Bible Lithographs 2
1960 Verve Lithographs for Drawings for the Bible / 1960 Bible Lithographs 2 / 1960 Bible Lithographs 3
The Story of the Exodus (1966) / Exodus 2 / The Jerusalem Windows (1962) / Other Biblical Subjects

Chagall in black and white / Signed Chagall Etchings and Lithographs
Original Posters

Review, 12/10/03 Rhythm Section (an entertainment guide jointly produced by the Wisconsin State Journal and the Capital Times)
From the prominent role that flowers play in so many of Chagall's paintings and lithographs, it is clear that they meant something important to him. Flowers feature prominently in works dealing with lovers, whether in their first initial reachings-out to each other or in the continuing beauty of their love; sometimes, in light of the sad expressions on the faces of one or the other of the lovers, they may also suggest the short lifespan of beautiful things (possibly in recognition of the sudden death of Chagall's beloved first wife, Bella, possibly in their traditional meaning in Dutch still lives of the Renaissance). If they are both beautiful and short-lived, however, they are also a symbol of the preciousness of the moment, of the need to seize that moment of love and hold on to it as fully as possible for as long as possible. But flowers are also often a symbol of new life, the return of beauty after the little death of winter and a sign of hope for a future blooming with new possibilities and fresh starts.
Night in Paris (M. 96). Original color lithograph, 1954. 75 signed & numbered + 2500 unsigned impressions. Published in a special issue of Derrière le Miroir dedicated to Chagall's vision of Paris. Illustrated Marc Chagall: Bonjour Paris and Nice 1987. These lithographs are remarkable for the extraordinary intensity of their colors. Image size: 335x280mm. Price: $3250.
Still life in blue (M. 206). Original color lithograph, 1957. 2500 unsigned impressions published by Maeght Editeur, Paris, on paper measuring 380x280mm in a special issue of Derrière le Miroir dedicated to Chagall's recent work. A hard-to-find piece. Image size: 245x200mm. Price: $1250.
Still life in blue (M. 205). Original lithograph, 1957. 90 signed & numbered + 6000 unsigned impressions for Jacques Lassaigne's Chagall (Maeght Editeur, 1957), from which our impression comes. This is a color variant on M. 205 trimmed to fit into the smaller format of Lassaigne's study. Image size: 230x175mm. Price: $950.
Woman juggler (M. 290). Original color lithograph, 1960. 100 numbered impressions + c. 2000 unsigned impressions for Chagall Lithographe I. There were also 40 signed and numbered impressions reserved for the artist. Illustrated in the 1988 Moscow Chagall Exhibition. Image size: 325x250mm. Price: $1,075.
The artist's bouquet (M. 410). Original color lithograph, 1964. signed and numbered impressions + c. 2000 unsigned impressions (of which this is one) for Derrière le Miroir. Image size: 370x270mm. Price: $1,075.
The red bouquet (M. 577b). Original color lithograph, 1968. Edition: Some unfolded proofs + 10,000 unsigned impressions for Chagall Lithographs Volume III. Ours is an impression of the rear cover with a complimentary signature by Chagall. Image size: 325x250mm. Price: SOLD.
The anemones (M. 730). Original color lithograph, 1974. 50 signed & numbered impressions + 10,000 impressions for Chagall Lithographe IV. Image size: 325x250mm. Price: $1,075.
Harlequin with flowers (M. 578). Original color lithograph, 1969. 75 signed & numbered impressions + 10,000 unsigned impressions for the frontispiece of Chagall Lithographe III. Image size: 320x240mm. Price: $1075.
German Expressionism: Survey I / Survey II / Survey III

"Käthe Kollwitz and German Expressionism" featured over fifty works by Käthe Kollwitz plus additional works by Josef Albers,
Ernst Barlach, Rudolf Bauer, Max Beckmann, Peter Behrens, Heinrich Campendonck, Marc Chagall, Lovis Corinth,
Otto Dix, Lyonel Feininger, Conrad Felixmuller, Hans Fronius, Alfons Graber, Otto Greiner, Georg Grosz, Erich Heckel,
Hannah Hoch, Karl Hofer,Wassily Kandinsky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee, Oskar Kokoschka, Ludwig Meidner,
Edvard Munch, Gabrielle Munter, Heinrich Nauen, Emile Nolde, Max Pechstein, Hilla von Rebay, Georges Rouault,
Rudolf Schlichter, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Siegfried Schott, Georg Tappert, Wilhelm Wagner, and others.

German Expressionist Drawings

The Russians: Chagall, Sonia Delaunay, Goncharova, Larionov, and Malevich

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